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Blogdome: Watch Your Back, Athletes

• If professional and college athletes are not careful, they'll end up looking drunk online ... or, in the case of Duke's Reggie Love, something much, much worse. [Flak]
• Good morning, Angels. Your assignment is to take out those hated, hated Yankees. [Faith and Fear In Flushing]
• On the lists of things that are not smart for hoopster Darius Rice to do, pissing off the Chinese government has to be pretty high up there. [The Mighty MJD]
• Video of Etan Thomas' spirited anti-Bush speech has finally made it online. [TrueHoop]
• "At a certain point, you have to admit that it just wasn't meant to be." [Braves Journal]
• Looks like nobody gives a crap about fictionalized sports gambling movies. [Oddjack]
• Man, what won't those crazy guys at North Carolina do for a little publicity. [yoco: college basketball]
• Does Hideki Matsui look like the Japanese Elliot Smith? We don't know, but we love that the question was asked. [Fitted Sweats]


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