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It might not — yet — have the online fanaticism and cachet of baseball, but the NFL and its fans are starting to catch up in the world of team-devoted blogs. To this end, Deadspin salutes these modem-addled souls and proudly presents Blogdom's Best, given to the most outstanding blog for each NFL team. There are fewer than there are for baseball, but they're out there, if you look. If you would like to nominate a blog (yours, even) for selection, just let us know at Today: The Arizona Cardinals.


If the NFL is the Corleone family, the Arizona Cardinals are Fredo. "I'm not dumb like people say, I'm smart! And I want respect!" Well, this team deserves some respect. Once you clear away the underbrush and examine the ruins, you'll find that you're looking at the oldest existing pro football club in the U.S.

The Cardinals were born on the South Side of Chicago in 1898 as the Morgan Athletic Club, before there even was an NFL. They became the Racine Normals (team headquarters was on Racine Ave.), adopting the name Cardinals in 1901 when their owner scored some second-hand jerseys from the University of Chicago, which happened to be maroon. Ernie Nevers, possibly the greatest running back ever, played for them in 1929. In 1960 they moved to St. Louis. And in 1987, to Phoenix. In all that time, they've collected just two NFL titles — in 1925 and 1947. Most of the rest of the time they've spent, well, sucking. And usually sucking hard. We know. We were there.

But hey, Cardinals fans — what there are of us — have learned to appreciate their tender mercies. A venerable history, a soon-to-be new stadium and, of course, Jerry McGuire. And we would also like to salute the few, the proud, the Arizona Cardinals bloggers. Here are the three best, and by best we mean only, Cardinals blogs. And on a final note, when we find out who the hell stole our laptop, there's going to be trouble.

3. The Cardinals Nest. Meet Seth Goldberg. Do not screw with him; he's not in the mood. He has a nifty blog, and seriously, if you dis his Cardinals he will tear you a new one.
2. The Big Red Sheet. This guy's been a fan since the Chicago Cardinals days, and his blog is great, but one thing troubles us. Pretty soon he's going to charge a subscription for some of the content. All we can say is there had better be female cheerleader nudity, and plenty of it.
1. Cardinals Report. Our man Jesse Schupack covers the Cardinals like a World War II battlefield correspondent. He deserves a medal, but what does he get? Neil Rackers. Oh well. Fight on, Cardinals Report. (It should still be called "Buzzsaw Bumbershoot." But whichever.)

(Wednesday: New York Giants)

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