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Blogdom's Best: Hating Duke

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Perhaps nothing says hatred like college athletics. We have witnessed the body painting, we have seen the flaming objects hurled onto the court. Yes, we have seen the pants waving from atop the flagpole. And today, we salute those pants. We believe that college athletics were invented to give students an excuse to taunt each other from short distances. In the computer age, much of this is done on the Internet. So here now are some of the best hater blogs, college edition.

Many have called Duke the New York Yankees of college basketball — the team you love to hate, only without Derek Jeter. The Cameron Crazies are well known for their wild antics, including their manic, tube-thingy-waving. But fans of other schools in the ACC, and indeed across the nation, are just as devoted in their hatred of the Blue Devils, even going so far as to mock young children. Now, that's hate. Here are three sites that explain it all:

3. Turtle Soup. From the University of Maryland comes (drum roll) The Anti-Duke Manifesto. Gaze upon its magnificence (do not touch — your fingers are greasy from those fries).
2. Duke Sucks. Maintained by an Aerospace Engineer and University of Maryland fan whom, we're sure, is gearing up for another season of hating Duke.
1. Truth About Duke. The best current Duke-hater site on the web, even covers former Duke players in the NBA.

(Tomorrow: Hating the Detroit Red Wings)


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