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Imagine the most hateful sports fans you can think of, stuck indoors because of the frigid weather, allowing their fury to boil. Now give them large sticks. That's your typical NHL fan, just looking for a reason to hate the opposing team. Throw in that whole Canada-USA rivalry thing, and you've got a festival of enmity. So let's sit back and enjoy some of the great NHL hater blogs, shall we, you hosers?

Back when they were called the Quebec Nordiques, there were some mighty battles and bad blood between the team now called the Colorado Avalanche and the Detroit Red Wings. Have hostilities ceased? Well, no. Even though Colorado bad boy Patrick Roy has retired, there is still a lot of hate reserved for the Avalanche. Let's take a look.

3. Antilanche Page. Now that Patrick Roy is retired, who is there
left to hate?
2. Patrick Roy Ate My Balls Page. "No actual balls were harmed in the creation of this page."
1. Divealanche. Games, comix, player profiles and ... you guessed it, an interview with Patrick Roy.