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Blogdom's Best: Hating The Cowboys

Previously we have examined the great fan blogs of the NFL and Major League Baseball, and what an interesting journey it was. But every great story needs a strong antagonist, and to that end we now present the anti-blogs — those Web chronicles devoted to abhorrence and loathing — what the French call b
te noire. Hey, we hate the French! Grrrr. So for the next few weeks, we'll attempt to sort it all out, with your help of course. What's your favorite hater blog? Let is know at

In troubling times such as these, sometimes we think that the only thing holding America together is our common hatred for the Dallas Cowboys. Is there anyone who doesn't have an opinion on this team? We packed the car and endeavored to find out. During our road trip across the length and breadth of Cowboy Hatedom, we discovered a lot; such

as this, for one thing, which is just WRONG. We also discovered that Cowboy hatred is so deep in some parts that people are driven to music. Yes, this will be the only edition of this feature in which, in addition to the blogs, we will also rank the three best hater songs:

3. Dallas Sucks. "All the little chicks with the crimson lips say

Dallas sucks, Dallas sucks ..."

2. Smoke Some Crack. Mad Magazine parody song set to Christmas music, just in time for the holidays.

1. Dallas Cowboys Hater. An oldie from 1997, but still as relevant as the day it was written.


There have also been entire books written about Cowboy hating. But none have been released as books-on-tape, so we'll wait a while to rank those.

And now (drum roll), on with the blogs. Sorry if yours was left out. If it was, perhaps you must now face the hard reality that, looking back on the relationship, you could have hated the Cowboys just a little bit more.

3. Dallas Cowboys Suck. Their "cowboys crime watch" feature is informative, but sadly not up to date.

2. America's

Team Sucks. Features an inspirational welcome message from Hank Hill.

1. Dallas Sucks. In possession of a letter in which the NFL refers to the author's actions as "Inflammatory, derogatory and generally in bad taste." A higher honor we cannot imagine.

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