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Perhaps nothing says hatred like college athletics. We have witnessed the body painting, we have seen the flaming objects hurled onto the court. Yes, we have seen the pants waving from atop the flag pole. And today, we salute those pants. We believe that college athletics were invented to give students an excuse to taunt each other from short distances. In the computer age, much of this is done on the Internet. So here now are some of the best hater blogs, college edition.

Forgive our tardiness. We could not let the dust from the college football season completely settle without featuring Notre Dame, which many people forcefully contend, sucks. A few ground rules, though. First, we steered clear of sites and blogs that seemed to have anti Catholic undertones, because, as Jeff would say on Curb Your Enthusiasm, that's just a big bowl of wrong. We did appreciate, however, the comment on the Notre Dame Fighting Irish Suck page, which has renamed the Touchdown Jesus statue in South Bend, "Three And Out Jesus."

Ha. Anyway, on with the hate.

3. Michigan Rocks Notre Dame Sucks. A brief history of one of
the fiercest rivalries in sports.
2. Trojan Wire. Perennially ranked as one of the top five college football rivalries, this blog chronicles a storied tradition of loathing.
1. Notre Dame Sucks. This is the only school we've found with a Web ring of hater sites. The list is endless, and frankly the hate is depressing us.