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Blogdom's Best: Hating The Jets

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Previously we have examined the great fan blogs of the NFL and Major League Baseball, and what an interesting journey it was. But every great story needs a strong antagonist, and to that end we now present the anti-blogs — those Web chronicles devoted to abhorrence and loathing — what the French call b te noire. Hey, we hate the French! Grrrr. So for the next few weeks, we'll attempt to sort it all out, with your help of course. What's your favorite hater blog? Let is know at

At 3-11 and sporting fresh welts from their loss to the Dolphins, the Jets do not deserve your scorn — only your pity. And a top-three draft selection. Even their traditional enemy, the New England Patriots, can't work up a good lather over them these days. We canvassed several Patriots blogs and couldn't find one profanity concerning the Jets. Bah!


Seems that the only good Gang Green vitriol lately is coming from within: Witness the Fan Confidence Rating over at Jets Blog. Sad, really. If you are a Jets fan, here are some resources to vent your frustration.

3. Fire Herm. Looking for that last-minute Christmas gift? You're in luck — a fashionable Just End The Season Now T-shirt is just a mouse-click away.
2. The Sports Critics. Meet Greg Wyshynski. He knows what sucks about being a Jets fan — almost everything.
1. Just End The Season. They quote Bill Simmons, whom they evidently consider an expert on sucking.

(Tomorrow: Hating the Chicago Bears.)

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