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Blogdom's Best: Hating The Lakers

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In the old days of the NBA, when the ball was made of leather and players took two-handed set shots from the chest, there was nothing but love. ("Your final score: Providence Steamrollers 36, Sheboygan Redskins 12. Thanks for coming, and drive safely.") Then the next thing you know, Bill Laimbeer arrives, and everything goes to hell. Today's NBA is extremely acrimonious, and that's without Ron Artest and Dennis Rodman. God knows what would be going on if they were still playing. And NBA fans are also quite testy these days. Let's take a look.

It's difficult to find a middle ground where the Los Angeles Lakers are concerned — you either love 'em, or you're learning Photoshop so that you can attach Kobe Bryant's head to a donkey. There aren't so much Laker hater blogs out there as there are just random, individual bleats of hate — some quite amusing, others just lame. Let's look at some of the good ones.

Kobe Suits Up. Kobe Bryant as you always knew he'd end up — with Shaq as a member of the Miami Heat.
I Hate LA. A lively message board and the latest hater gear for the anti-Dodgers and Lakers fan.
There's Always Next Year. A pretty cool anti-Lakers flash presentation by the folks at, which we found through the blog

(Tomorrow: Hating the Michigan Wolverines)


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