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Blogdom's Best: Hating The Raiders

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Previously we have examined the great fan blogs of the NFL and Major League Baseball, and what an interesting journey it was. But every great story needs a strong antagonist, and to that end we now present the anti-blogs — those Web chronicles devoted to abhorrence and loathing — what the French call b te noire. Hey, we hate the French! Grrrr. So for the next few weeks, we'll attempt to sort it all out, with your help of course. What's your favorite hater blog? Let is know at

Imagine our disappointment when we went to see the film A History of Violence, and discovered that it wasn't about Oakland Raiders fans. These people have a bad reputation, it seems — not wholly undeserved. The Raiders are hated by just about everyone — at home, and even abroad — heck, even Oakland A's fans hate the Raiders.

Who hates the Raiders most? Hard to tell. San Francisco 49ers fans are up there, just because of the whole cross-bay rivalry thing. New England, Denver, Kansas City — they all have healthy disdain for the silver and black. But currently, the top spot in Raider Hatedom just may be occupied by fans of the San Diego Chargers. You know what they always say before fights, about how there shall be "no kicking, gouging or biting?" Apparently no one told the Raiders last week before their game against the Chargers, or so says LaDainian Tomlinson anyway. But Raiders fans would say, what's a few knuckles to the ribs among friends? In the Black Hole, that would be considered a massage.

Of the many, many Raiders Haters blogs out there, here are three that caught our eye:

3. Faiders. This just in — Raiders fan with bag over head, and we have photos.
2. The Official Raider Haters Universe. All we can say is, this guy really, really hates the Raiders.
1. The Hater Nation. Not just about hating the Raiders — there is plenty of vitriol for everyone. But when one sees a headline such as "The Raiders: Cheating Female Dogs," one knows where the focus is.

(Tomorrow: The Green Bay Packers)


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