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Imagine the most hateful sports fans you can think of, stuck indoors because of the frigid weather, allowing their fury to boil. Now give them large sticks. That's your typical NHL fan, just looking for a reason to hate the opposing team. Throw in that whole Canada-USA rivalry thing, and you've got a festival of enmity. So let's sit back and enjoy some of the great NHL hater blogs, shall we, you hosers?

When you think of great sports rivalries, you think of Yankees-Red Sox, Steelers-Browns, Iran-Iraq ... but Red Wings-Avalanche? We had no idea. Apparently it's true โ€” this is one of the most heated rivalries in existence. It all goes back, we're told, to when the Avalanche were the Quebec Nordiques, the two teams located in relatively close proximity. And more recently, when a bunch of players on both sides were roughed up during the 1996 Western Conference Finals in Denver. Don't ask us for details, this is new to us too (we're still confused by the whole octopus-on-the-ice thing). Anyway, it's all chronicled here โ€” a circus of hatred, starring the Red Wings. Enjoy.

3. Dead Wings Tribute. Featuring the smash hit "Red Wings Suck" by the Soul Thieves, and it's inevitable follow-up, "Red Wings Really Suck" by KBPI.
2. Avalanche Sanctuary. Explains the rivalry between the Red Wings and Avalanche, stitch-by-stitch.
1. Red Wings Suck. Fun anti-Red Wings games and activities for the kids, plus, a bonus "Woody Paige Sucks" section. You can't beat that.

(Tomorrow: Hating the Los Angeles Lakers)