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Perhaps nothing says hatred like college athletics. We have witnessed the body painting, we have seen the flaming objects hurled onto the court. Yes, we have seen the pants waving from atop the flag pole. And today, we salute those pants. We believe that college athletics were invented to give students an excuse to taunt each other from short distances. In the computer age, much of this is done on the Internet. So here now are some of the best hater blogs, college edition.

Before we get to the Stanford Festival of Hate, we thought we'd bring you up to date on the aftermath of the Rose Bowl. Always one to kick a rival when they're down, UCLA's What's Bruin had a nice parting shot for their friends the Trojans.

But on to the subject at hand. There is perhaps no greater college rivalry than that between Stanford and Cal, located as they are just across San Francisco Bay from one another. It's a clash of ideologies as well as traditions — Stanford people seen as snobby gourmet cheese-eaters, Cal's as Bohemian sidewalk tie-die shirt hawkers. Anyway, most of the nation's Stanford hate emanates from areas in and around Berkeley. Let's take a closer look, shall we?

3. Stanford Rejects. Includes fun games for the kids — our favorite is Vandalize Stanford.
2. Cal Spirit and Traditions. Oski vs. The Tree — the final showdown.
1. Stanfurd Sucks. From "The Play" to that Stanford Sucks computer wallpaper you've been looking for, this site has it all.