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Previously we have examined the great fan blogs of the NFL and Major League Baseball, and what an interesting journey it was. But every great story needs a strong antagonist, and to that end we now present the anti-blogs — those Web chronicles devoted to abhorrence and loathing — what the French call b te noire. Hey, we hate the French! Grrrr. So for the next few weeks, we'll attempt to sort it all out, with your help of course. What's your favorite hater blog? Let is know at

The idea just came to us one day while we were sweeping up loose glass in the living room — it's high time this feature leveled some hate toward the Steelers (at least that's what it said on the note attached to the rock). So here you go. We have to say that we didn't have to look very far to find Steeler loathing. Starting in Pittsburgh, we just kind of went up and to the left, passed through Youngstown, and there it was. Cleveland. When it comes to fans of these two NFL cities, the word "hate" is not really sufficient. If there's a fiercer rivalry in sports we don't want to see it, because it most likely involves explosives.

So yeah, the Steelers are not universally loved. Here are three blogs which chronicle the malevolence.

3. Bill Cowher Appearance Improvement Page. You'll have hours, or perhaps seconds, of fun with this tool, contorting the face of the Steelers' head coach until he looks like, well, no matter what you do he still looks like Bill Cowher. (That's our piss-poor version above.)
2. Steelers Suck. Not really a blog as much as a muddled potpourri of Steeler hate. Created by Browns fans, of course. What, you were expecting The Huffington Post?
1. Pittsburgh Browns Backers. It's one thing to mock the opposition from within the walls of your castle — it's quite another to live amongst them with a large, flashing "Steelers Suck" sign on your roof. A Browns fan blog originating from Pittsburgh. "The call is coming from inside the house!"

(Tomorrow: Hating The San Francisco 49ers)


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