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Perhaps nothing says hatred like college athletics. We have witnessed the body painting, we have seen the flaming objects hurled onto the court. Yes, we have seen the pants waving from atop the flag pole. And today, we salute those pants. We believe that college athletics were invented to give students an excuse to taunt each other from short distances. In the computer age, much of this is done on the Internet. So here now are some of the best hater blogs, college edition.

We knew it was a bad idea to allow such a long lead-in to the Rose Bowl — things are really starting to get ugly. Example, the hatefest between campus blogs Boi From Troy and Burnt Orange Nation, where message boarders are slap-fighting over a number of issues. Apparently the Rose Bowl isn't just about a national championship. It's west vs. south, straight vs. gay, Phish vs. Vince Gill, red state vs. blue state ... you know, what sports is supposed to be all about. At any rate, we've very confused and wish they'd just play the damned thing. And since we covered USC hating in yesterday's class, let's visit three Texas haters sites:

3. Ain't To Proud to Blog — Sooner Edition. Finally, a hater blog entry we can get behind.
2. The Sooner Nation. Bevo ... it's what's for dinner.
1. The Anti-Texas Page. Among the features are latest Longhorn arrests, and current Texas graduation rates. Ouch.