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Blogdom's Best: Hating The Wolverines

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Perhaps nothing says hatred like college athletics. We have witnessed the body painting, we have seen the flaming objects hurled onto the court. Yes, we have seen the pants waving from atop the flagpole. And today, we salute those pants. We believe that college athletics were invented to give students an excuse to taunt each other from short distances. In the computer age, much of this is done on the Internet. So here now are some of the best hater blogs, college edition.

It almost seems too cruel to taunt Michigan at this juncture — the Wolverines' seven-lateral, last-ditch effort to beat Nebraska in the Alamo Bowl on Wednesday coming up just short and all. Notice we said almost. This outcome delighted fans at Ohio State, Michigan State and Wisconsin, the sources of today's chosen hater blogs. Let's take a look at the four best, shall we?

3. (tie) The Badger Herald. Always on the cutting edge of Wolverine hostility, the treatise from the files is a must-read for all Michigan haters.
3. (tie) The Enlightened Spartan. This Michigan State publication is taking particular delight in Michigan's latest loss.
2. Michigan Sux. We try not to take sides, but the picture on their home page just cracks us up.
1. Dead Schembechlers. These punk band legends of the Northeast offer a raucous good time. "Rising up out of Columbus, Ohio's Wolverine Hatecore scene, they count themselves part of the long tradition of anti-Michigan musical militancy that goes back to the later part of the 19th century." (Wide Left, the Ballad of Mike Lantry, is our personal favorite).


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