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More than any other sport, baseball lends itself to individual blog obsession. Every Major League Baseball team has several blogs obsessed with chronicling the ins-and-outs of everything. Deadspin salutes these modem-addled souls and proudly presents Blogdom's Best, given to the most outstanding blog for each team. If you would like to nominate a blog (yours even) for selection, just let us know at Today: The Milwaukee Brewers.

It must be confusing to be a Brewers fan. At the seventh inning stretch, they sing "Roll Out The Barrel," which is always amusing when sang by a four-year-old. The last time they made the World Series, they played a team in their own division. And everything is made of cheese. The blog world is not strong with the Brewers, either: Maybe after several pints, sitting down at a computer and logging another terrible Jorge De La Rosa performance isn't the most fun thing in the world. That said, it's a fun time to be a Brewers fan; anybody noticed they're still in the wild-card chase? That would be the greatest story we can think of.

3. Al's Ramblings. Updated frequently, which is good, but has a lot of stuff about Al's kid and his views on dairy products, which is fine, if a bit off-message.
2. Brewers Bar. David Hannes is short on updates (quiet since Monday, despite the Brewers' most exciting run of the year), but tall on information. And love. Tall on love.
1. Brew Crew Ball Another excellent SB Nation blog, it's thin but plentiful, kind of like Michelob Ultra.

(Monday: The Minnesota Twins)