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Blonde Women Must Really Love Soccer Jerseys

M'kay. What we have here is a completely ineffective commercial for Axe brand body spray. The gorgeous women are there. The suggestive outfits are front and center. There's even a catfight, and girls passing out on the floor. So how on earth does this advertisement fail?

Simple. What this commercial tells me is that were I to draw the attraction of a drop dead gorgeous supermodel while wearing Axe, she'll either:

(a) Collapse right there on the dance floor, making it difficult to drag her back to my apartment without the junior high school dance chaperon noticing, or


(b) Make it back to my apartment, but when I take my shirt off, she'll promptly lunge for the shirt on the ground, and roll around the floor with it. Not that this is a horrible thing to watch, but it effectively defeats the purpose.

I can't tell you how many times Scenario B personally happened to me. But I promise I will, once the number becomes greater than zero.

Girls Fight Over F.C. Axe Body Spray Kits [The Beautiful Game]

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