Today, the Blue Jays traded away starting pitcher Shawn Marcum for the Brewers' top minor league prospect, second baseman Brett Lawrie. Brett is 20 years old and is now a major league baseball player. Brett should figure out Facebook's privacy settings.

Lawrie, a native of Langley, British Columbia, became the highest-drafted Canadian position player in history in 2008, when the Brewers picked him 16th overall in the draft. He played for the Double-A Huntsville Stars last season and finished the year with a .285 batting average, 8 homeruns and 63 RBIs in 135 games.

He also got his first taste of the big leagues today, when the Milwaukee-based blog posted a handful of embarrassing pictures from his Facebook page. The more embarrassing possibility, of course, is that these pictures do not embarrass him. Anyway, it's difficult to pick the highlight. Taking a cue from another Brett we know, he's posted a selfie — of his abs. There's a bicep tattoo of expletive-free Eminem lyrics, which aren't really Eminem lyrics at all. And then there's this gem, complete with a duct-taped-forty-hands-forty (by the way, unless you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, how is this game preferable to just drinking the forties like a normally dexterous human? Evolution happened for a reason, people!) and suggestive hand placement. We present to you the pride of Canada baseball.

Brewers get Marcum from Toronto for Brett Lawrie, Lawrie revealed as tool [MillerParkDrunk]

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