A hearty thank you to reader Justin for pointing this out because it is wonderful. Look at this man who probably smacked himself in the face with such force that his whole section heard the thwack! Go ahead and expand this one to get the full experience, but don't stop there. There's a lot more going on around him, too.

Take the two men to his left, striking minor variations of the same exasperated pose. Or the girl in the front row with the hat on her head and the yeeesh look on her face. 95 percent of the people in this shot have that sick facial expression that is neither smile nor frown, but just lips pressed together in a straight line. Al Borland might actually be frowning, though. If you don't see Al Borland, he's the one sitting next to the guy in the front row trying to melt Jonathan Toews with his laser eyes.

It all comes back to that facepalm, though, and the expression on his face. He and Toews are on opposite sides of the blue partition, like some fucked up equation, feeling opposite emotions. Damn.

Photo credit: Getty Images