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Bob Costas Is Complaining About The Internet Again

Is there anything worse than Bob Costas talking about “the ethos of the mob” and “clicks” and “ad-hominem attacks” every time he opens his mouth to answer a question about the internet? I submit that there isn’t.


The audio clip above comes from a recent interview Costas did on WFAN, during which he discussed feeling kind of bad about that sick burn he dropped on Cubs reliever Pedro Strop last Friday. While Strop was leaving the mound after a rough outing, he pointed to the sky, causing Costas to wonder aloud if he was “asking some departed relative for forgiveness, for this atrocious performance.”

Costas also had this to say to the New York Daily News, while discussing his plans to apologize to Strop:

“We can be disingenuous about it if we want, if it suits our purposes, but we all know this: We live in an age of faux outrage, of disproportionate outrage. Everything is shocking, over the top. ‘He savaged Pedro Strop’ — I mean, come on, come on. Let’s get a handle on this,” Costas said. “I could have done better and I will apologize. But . . . that’s just Internet stuff. I’m going to take care of it the same way I would have taken care of it if it was 1986. And that’s going to be that.”


Two things: It’s funny that the guy who made the equivalent of a mean internet comment about Pedro Strop is now using this as an opportunity to lament how mean people on the internet can be. And Costas isn’t even necessarily wrong about some of the reactions to his comment, but lashing out at the “internet mob” every time people react to something you’ve done in a way you don’t like is an old-white-media-guy move that could not possibly be more played out. Nobody’s trying to hear this shit, man. Go count your money.


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