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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Bob Costas Joins MLB Network, But "Costas Now" Is Gone Forever

Illustration for article titled Bob Costas Joins MLB Network, But Costas Now Is Gone Forever

After months of haggling, the upstart MLB Network (which is pretty excellent by the way) has finally inked him to a full-time deal, Darren Rovell reports.


According to Rovell, Costas will host original programming on the channel and play-by-play commentate for a "select group" of regular season games for MLB Network but won't be ditching NBC. Costas will debut his own hour-long talk show, "MLB Network Studio 42 With Bob Costas" this Thursday, where he'll sit down with Los Angeles Dodgers manager Joe Torre. I wonder if they'll talk about that little book he co-wrote.

The bittersweet part of this news is that this deal is it officially ends the"Costas Now" era. Yes, the show that will inextricably link one huffy Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and one apple-cheeked blogger from Mattoon, Illinois together forever will no longer be part of HBO programming. It's bad for Costas too, since he most likely won't get the opportunity to utter the words "fetus-faced windbag" or "good riddance, fuck face" on the MLB Network anytime soon. Oh, also? What about that whole "Costas Now" 90-minute program devoted to "Race In Sports" that he promised? Reparations are in order for that.


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