Bob Costas On New Olympic Snowboarding Events: "Jackass Stuff"

Bob Costas irritated the snowboarding crowd yesterday on Today, calling the sport's new events in the 2014 Olympics "Jackass stuff."


During the segment, Matt Lauer mentioned the men's and women's slopestyle events, two of the snowboarding competitions introduced in this year's Olympics in Sochi, and Costas questioned their inclusion.

Costas: I think the president of the IOC should be Johnny Knoxville, because basically, this stuff is just Jackass stuff that they invented and called Olympic sports.

Lauer: You mean that in the best possible way, though.

Costas: I mean it in the kindest possible sense, yes.

"The kindest possible sense" didn't come across with Sal Masekela, host of the Winter X Games and huge supporter of snowboarding. Masekela voiced his displeasure with Costas's comments on Twitter, and somehow, the now-deleted angry tweet ended up on NBC's PR feed.

H/t to Sports Media Watch