Yesterday, we told you about the wacky hijinks involving Bob Knight, a shotgun and his neighbors. Well, the Dallas Morning News has exclusive video of the actual confrontation between Knight and a neighbor who claims he was shooting too close to his house.

It's compelling stuff, for several reasons.

1. The neighbor's accent is pretty brilliant. He don't want no pellets on his house.
2. Bob Knight actually lectures someone on "cussing" and not being polite.
3. It's odd hearing a legendary coach veering toward whining and petulance; he sounds like a little kid trying to blame something on another little kid.

We suppose it's comforting to know that Knight still has a nice strain of anger in him; we were afraid he was mellowing in his old age. But still: This is not how we like to see our coaching legends, even Bob Knight. It's just more proof: Bob Knight and guns don't mix. The more you know.


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