Boban Marjanovic Uses His Large Frame To Obscure Kyle Lowry's Line Of Sight

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Boban Marjanovic provided excellent towering defense against Kyle Lowry as the Raptor tried to inbound the ball for the final possession of the half that Toronto got as a result of Lowry selling a foul well.

It all started late in the second quarter with exactly one second remaining. Lowry got an inbounds pass from the other end of the floor and ran up the court. As Jimmy Butler closed in on him, Lowry appeared to make contact with the Sixers guard’s leg and fell to the floor. A tripping foul was called against Butler, though replays seemed to show that Lowry started his fall before any real contact was made.

Butler Foul On Lowry

Lowry tried to take the ball and inbounds it quickly so his team could at least have a chance at a quick tip-in bucket. Sixers coach Brett Brown noticed that Lowry was the one set to pass the ball back in and subbed in the very tall Boban Marjanovic at the last possible moment to defend the much-smaller guard. The resulting inbounds pass went about as well as you’d expect it to with someone that large standing in front of the passer.

Boban Defense

Boban hasn’t gotten a lot of playing time in this series—he’s played a total of 14 minutes through four games—but it’s great to see that he’s able to make the most out of the opportunities he gets.