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Bobby Knight Got Totally Roasted Last Night

You know a roast/fundraiser is going to rule when one of the roasters is relegated to video-conferencing in because of a broken hip, like Jud Heathcote did last night for a Bobby Knight roast in Hammond, Ind.

He said most people don't like Knight when they meet him. "But after they get to know him, they hate him."


Oh snap.

The roast, held to benefit Chicago's St. Joseph High School, featured such noted jokemeisters as Digger Phelps, Isiah Thomas and Jay Bilas.

For one night, no one was debating Indiana's decision to fire him 10 years ago. This was a night of unity involving one of the most polarizing figures in the state and the game, one dominated by laughter and praise, and Knight wasn't discussing his former employer.

Asked afterward about recent efforts by athletic director Fred Glass and others to reconnect, he had little to say.

"You want to talk about tonight, fine," he said. [Chicago Tribune]

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