The Associated Press tracked down Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long today and he intimated the investigation into Bobby Petrino continues and will likely last through Easter Sunday. Long is said to be "examining a variety of issues surrounding Petrino's motorcycle accident last weekend." Obviously, this is code for an investigation into Petrino's involvement with Jessica Dorrell, the former Arkansas volleyball player turned employee/motorcycle buddy/(possible!) mistress. A related issue, of course, is Petrino having initially lied about the circumstances of the accident.

The AP was also able to track down a Dorrell friend and former teammate this afternoon who claimed Dorrell was "in safe mode." The friend also said Dorrell had not returned phone calls since the police report was released on Thursday.

"Everyone has made mistakes. Everyone has dirty laundry, but not everyone has their dirty laundry shown on national television."

It's a valid sentiment, but this is Bobby Petrino. He's burned too many bridges and made his bed. There are too many people waiting to see him taken down, Dorrell's just collateral damage.

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