Bodybuilder Goes On Naked, Probably Drug-Fueled Rampage

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Last time we checked in on our "nude rampage" file, we were in New Zealand and chatting about Rugby. Today, we find ourselves in sunny California where a 22 year old bodybuilder is facing charges of attempted homicide after he viciously attacked a husband and wife at their home.

The couple returned home to find Ruben Arzu naked on their porch. The wife ran inside to call 911 while her husband made a very poor decision and confronted the beast. After inflicting "major head injuries" on the husband, Arzu turned his attention to the wife. He picked her up off the ground and body slammed her, causing deep cuts to her head and facial injuries. After the attack, Arzu was chased by neighbors and finally subdued when the police arrived thanks to two stun guns and four sets of hand cuffs.


It is believed that some kind of drug use was involved because as Cpl. Ray Mendez of the Colton Police aptly put it: "Typically in law enforcement we associate someone who's acting violent and naked to be under the influence of a stimulant or narcotic."

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