Yesterday, Barry Bonds did nobody any favors by endorsing Pete Rose and Mark McGwire for the Hall of Fame, inspiring each of them to put their paws over their face like a goldendoodle puppy. But the bigger news might be that the Giants are considering voiding Bonds' contract after the news of his positive amphetamines test last week.

The Giants have discussed walking away from the Bonds deal, according to people familiar with their thinking, because of the myriad difficulties in finalizing a contract.

The Giants put the brakes on negotiations and quoted an unnamed lawyer on the Bonds side as speculating the Giants might want to back out of the deal following the fallout from last week's revelation that Bonds failed an amphetamine test and initially blamed it on a substance he took from teammate Mark Sweeney's locker.


In a nice touch, the Giants can't actually use the test as a reason not to finalize his contract because it's "officially" confidential, so we all have to pretend it didn't happen. We're still coming to terms with the mental image of a spazzed-out Bonds all juiced up on happy beans, gritting his teeth and taking the field with a glow stick in his back pocket.

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