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Bonds Back In Only Place That Truly Loves Him

Well, now we can breathe easy over here; Barry Bonds won't be going to St. Louis. (And now that he's not, we'd like to note that we would have never sold out our principles to root for him. Nope! No way! Obviously! Of course not!)


As we all pretty much figured, Bonds will be staying in San Francisco this year, bringing in $16 million with a chance to earn up to $20 million if he meets "performance incentives." It will likely be much pressure for Bonds to reach those incentives and hopefully he won't succumb to the stress that so many players have and resort to using steroids or something.

This means, of course, that we're gonna have one last year — probably one last year — to go through the Bonds maelstrom again. He's 21 homers away from breaking Hank Aaron's record, and if he's healthy, it's difficult to imagine that he won't do it. So this is it: It's really happening. We know San Francisco fans will enjoy it; we'll see if anybody else does.

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