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Bonds Won't Get Off The Hook This Time

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OK, if you've hadn't a chance to dig into the Bonds Sports Illustrated story yet, we cannot recommend it more highly.

In addition to clear documentation of not only the types of steroids uses by Bonds, it includes the dosages, levels and schedules of the different types of injections/ingestions/spreading-of-clear. It also points out that Bonds was renowned for violent mood swings and, yes, sexual dysfunction. The story could not be more devastating to Bonds than if he had confessed on the spot. In fact, it's probably worse.


We think it's clear right now that this is baseball's Watergate, and the reporters — Mark Fainaru-Wada and Lance Williams — are as close to Woodward and Bernstein as we're gonna get. They have followed this story relentlessly for years, and not enough people noticed. But this is what we all wanted: Definitive proof that Barry Bonds was using steroids. It's match point; game over.

But seriously: Go read the story. There can no longer be any doubt.

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