Boomer Esiason Alleges Ex-Agent Planted Story About Darrelle Revis Wanting To Retire

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Late last night, New York Daily News Jets beat writer Manish Mehta reported that an anonymous “confidant” of Darrelle Revis’s had told Mehta that Revis wishes to retire. Here is the exact quote as it appeared in Mehta’s story:

“He’s done,” a Revis confidant told the Daily News. “If he had his way, he’d be done right now. He doesn’t want to play anymore. He’s made a lot of money.”

Mehta further quotes his source as saying that the reason Revis has had an uncharacteristically subpar season is because he has “tanked it.” Though Revis has acknowledged this season that his time in the NFL is nearing its end, he also has said he hasn’t thought about retiring. He also isn’t quoted in Mehta’s column, and if the reporter asked the player for comment he doesn’t note it.

As you would expect, the implication that Darrelle Revis wants to retire and has been phoning in the 2016 season was a topic of discussion on New York sports radio this morning. The article was discussed on the Boomer & Carton Show, hosted by Boomer Esiason and someone named Carton, which airs in the New York area on WFAN. Boomer and Carton were extremely steamed over the article, so much so that Esiason went as far as taking a guess at Mehta’s source: Neil Schwartz or Jonathan Feinsod, ex-agents who Revis is currently suing for allegedly stealing some of his endorsement money.


Esiason doesn’t appear to have any real inside info here. But as far as guesses go this one is pretty plausible, in that Revis’s ex-agents could have been aware of his mindstate and would now have a reason to no longer hide it from the press. Nonetheless, Esiason is accusing Mehta (who didn’t respond to a request for comment for this post) of a certain level of journalistic recklessness that I imagine Mehta would object to.

In any event, I have no idea if any of this is true, but I do thank the extended New York media for finding a way to make this sack-of-shit Jets team interesting.