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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Boomer Promotes 'Breast Awareness Sunday'

I think Chris Berman might have left out a pretty crucial word in there somewhere. Oh well, the important thing is the awareness. And it's on display all over the league.

For instance, here's CSN Washington's Chick Hernandez outside of godforsaken FedEx Field earlier today (via @dcsportsbog).

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In other DC football news, Chris Horton's official website responded to the player's benching with some harsh words for his fellow Redskins. No other team in the NFL has had more social media problems. Also, they aren't very good at scoring touchdowns.

Obviously I'm watching Redskins vs. Buccaneers (they're already booing at the 13:47 mark in the first quarter), and shaving months off of my life in the process. I'll save my venting for Twitter.

There are seven other 1 pm games, and I'm sure they're all going to be a lot more fun. I suggest watching them, and talking about them in the comment section.

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