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Boras Bares All For Playboy

Illustration for article titled Boras Bares All For Playboy

Well not really, but he did answer Playboy's 20 questions (okay, 19 out of 20 to be accurate). Topics include road beef and selling Manny on LA as the new Cleveland.

PLAYBOY: Manny Ramirez made himself such a distraction for the Red Sox last year that they traded him to L.A., where he led the Dodgers to the playoffs. Why did he want out of Boston?

BORAS: Manny enjoyed his Red Sox teammates and loved the organization, but he did not enjoy living in Boston. It wore him out. He wasn't comfortable. It wasn't like Cleveland.

Finally, a little love for Cleveland. They needed it.

PLAYBOY: He wanted out because Boston isn't like Cleveland?

BORAS: [Nodding] For Manny, environment is important. He had liked living in the Cleveland suburbs. I said, "Manny, I want you to play in L.A. They've got some really good young hitters, but they need a slugger, and Pasadena's a lot like those Cleveland suburbs." He had been to L.A. only three times in his life, but once we got him there he said, "This is the spot for me."


Who knew Scott Boras was a master realtor? It must take some real skill to convince your insane star client that southern California could be every bit as comfortable as suburban Cleveland. Regardless, I think I'd still take Shaker Heights over Pasadena.

Eventually the conversation steered toward the topic of sex, as it always does with Scott Boras.

PLAYBOY: Groupies used to be called Baseball Annies. What's the
nastiest term you've heard for them?

BORAS: Road beef.

And with that, AJ Daulerio got his wings.

Keep an eye out for the full interview in the upcoming issue of Playboy, on stands later this month. Perhaps A-Rod will grace the cover.

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