Tennessee wins the SEC East with a 52-50, four-OT thrilla over Kentucky. Good. West Virginia secures a BCS spot, electrocuting the Huskies. Fantastic. The Hokies down Virginia 33-21 for the ACC Coastal crown. Put it in on the mantle. No. 10 Oklahoma pounds Oklahoma St. Who cares? UCLA, Iron Bowl, Tebow ... BAH! I can't take it anymore! But, hey, let's see what the Internets are saying about Missouri's big win over Kansas...

• Absorb It. There will be no Good, Bad, and Indifferent. There will be no major postgame analysis from me for at least another few days. Take a step back and absorb all this win has to offer. Folks, your Missouri Tigers are 11-1, champions of the Big 12 North, and controllers of their own destiny in the national championship hunt. [Rock M Nation]

• LOUD NOISES!!! It's a celebration bitches. The 36-28 Tiger win means we're heading to San Antone for a rematch against Oklahoma, which has gone into the shitter lately. Looks good for the Tigers. Props to the Wi-fi at the bar and props to the waitress I'm going to try to take advantage of tonight. [...] Good thing McDonalds still Supersizes, so it's not the end of the world in the Mangino household. Rick James needs an extra pair of hands to give them (man)titties four thumbs down! [Mizzourah]

• I'm Proud To Be A Jayhawk. We lost. Just like everyone else in college football, save the Rainbow Warriors of Hawaii, someone beat us. I finally, for the first time in my life, know what it is like to lose a college football game that means so much. I know what it means to control your own destiny for a trip to the National Title game, and lose. It's a tough feeling. But just the mere fact that we were there, just the opportunity to control our own destiny is enough progress for one year. We didn't go to a bowl game last year, barely qualifying at 6-6. This year, we are heading into the postseason stage of college football at 11-1, a trip to the Cotton Bowl or better all but wrapped up. [Rock Chalk Talk]

• Who's No. 1? (1) Mizzou. (2) West Virginia. If one stumbles: Ohio St. If both stumble: Both won't. [Dan Shanoff]


• These Tigers Are No. 1. Just like last week, the Tigers will be atop of the new BCS standings. But it will be the Missouri Tigers who replace the LSU Tigers as the 2007 regular season enters its final week. Closing in at No. 2 and a spot in the BCS title game will be West Virginia. After demolishing overmatched UConn on Saturday, the Mountaineers should have a commanding lead in the standings over No. 3 Ohio State. The Buckeyes are hardly out of it, however. Should Missouri lose to Oklahoma in the Big XII championship game, Ohio State will be playing in its second straight BCS national championship game. [BCS Guru]