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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Bo's Had Enough Time To Get Settled In By Now, So Let's Do This

That'll just about do it for the masturbation. It's time to get at it. Kickoff's in just a few minutes, and I honestly don't feel overwhelmed by the hype. The game is big enough that a week of ESPN-brand hype wasn't enough to kill it for me—and that doesn't happen often. Give Brent Musberger a few minutes and a live mic, however, and that could change. But for now, I feel good. It's the biggest football game to be played since the last Super Bowl.

The Buckeye Expat has gone to the trouble of recording predictions of of major publications and relevant blogs. The Ohio State blogs like Ohio State, the Michigan blogs like Michigan, and the independent sites seem to be pretty evenly split. I'll take Michigan, 16-10.

A couple of YouTube videos to get you primed:

First, here's what the scene in Columbus looked like before the 2002 Michigan/Ohio State game. None of the behavior gets to the level of shocking, really, but it probably didn't look like this before the Harvard/Yale game this morning:


And secondly, here's Chris Fowler's words not really matching what's going on behind him:

Tempered. Sorrowful. WOOOOOOOOOOO!

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