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Anyone know what Kevin Youkilis did after being ejected the other night? Because a Massachusetts man was arrested for taking a walk wearing sneakers, a Red Sox cap...and nothing else.

Jason Dill is no rookie at this, because before he was arrested this week, police had been receiving reports for months of a man in Red Sox gear talking a walk with a count of only two balls on him.

Back in April we began to receive a series of complaints about an individual in a specific vicinity of Silver Street in the nighttime walking nude dressed only in a baseball cap and sneakers. ... Of particular concern to us, he made no attempts to conceal himself when traffic passed," [Chief Stephen] Kozloski said.


The report said Dill offered no explanation for his pecadillo, though to suggest a theory, he did have a beer in his hand when he was arrested.

I just have to say, good thing for Bill Simmons he now lives in L.A., because he'd be suspect number one after this weekend's sweep.


Jason Dill Of Monson Arrested For Walking Nude Around Town [Springfield Republican]

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