Last you saw Jeff Bauman, he was mangled, with a complexion reminiscent of Beetlejuice. Pushing Bauman's stretcher was a man in a cowboy hat who had shredded a sweater to make tourniquets for what remained of Bauman's legs.

Bauman had just been blown up at the Boston Marathon. His photo became one of the most iconic of the attack, in part because the man in the hat, Carlos Arredondo, was already a famous peace activist and further because Bauman, when he came to, identified Tamerlan Tsarnaev for the FBI.

Tourniquets spend limbs to save lives. Bauman's legs, ruined in the blast, were both amputated.

In all it must have been one rough goddamn week for Jeff Bauman.

Tonight the Bruins made Bauman their banner captain for Game 2 of Boston's series against the Maple Leafs. Kinda hard not to Boston Strong your eyes out at this one.


Photo credit: Associated Press