Boston Fans And Players Keeping It Classy As Fackin’ EVAH!

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Hey, here’s a charming picture from the Celtics ring ceremony on Tuesday night. On the left is current Celtic, drug-doer, and student of the Norv Turner Institute Of Skin Care, Scot Pollard. Scot is flashing his championship ring, because the Celts certainly couldn’t have won a title without the three amazing minutes he contributed. On the right is every Boston fan I’ve ever met in my life. Drunk? Check. Unnecessarily hostile? Check. Thinning hair? Oh, yes. Why, even his blog entry is pure Boston.

BEAT THAT. Sorry I haven’t posted these until now, but good god, did we get tits-up drunk last night at the banner-raising/season opener… And yes, I lost it when they showed PP up on the Jumbo crying. I bawled like a freakin’ baby. World Champs, son!

Back to my checklist: Bragging about title? Check. Bragging about level of drunkenness for the evening? Check. Unearned sentimental moment where I’m supposed to give a shit but don’t? Check. Odds of that ring being used as a weapon to break skin in a bar fight? 100% Jesus, these people can’t even be happy without being complete dicks. Take notes, Philly fans!