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Boston Glee Party

What they're saying on the interwebs about New England's 21-12 win over San Diego in the AFC Championship Game ...

Chargers Whining And LTs Lack Of Emotion. Again, the Chargers whine after another loss. Anyone else sick of it? Handle it on the field. And my biggest problem is with LT. He just sat on the bench all day feeling sorry for himself. Hey, aren't you supposed to be a leader on that team? Get your butt up and cheer your teammates on, offer advice and help to Turner and Sproiles. Do something! I watched Sam Madison last week in street clothes offer everything he could to his teammates but LT sits on the bench behind his visor and says nothing and does nothing. Just sits and watch. I guess he was just feeling sorry for himself because he couldn't play. [The Jack Bauer Of Search Engine Optimization]


Just Good Enough. This game will certainly not go down as a classic, instant or otherwise. In what was definitely his weakest game by far Tom Brady led the New England Patriots past the San Diego Chargers Sunday 21-12, to remain unbeaten at 18-0, and more importantly to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl. [Patriots Gab]

And Now ... The Longest 14 Days In Sports. There is no longer period in the world than the fortnight that stands between the end of the NFL Conference championship games and the kickoff of the Super Bowl. In what has to be some sort of karmic cycle we recieve some kind of inverted Red Sox/Yankees matchup with the Patriots playing the part of the Yankees evil empire and the Giants playing the part of the proud underdog who carry the hopes of a nation that pleads to be saved from an off season of crowing from the land of white chowder. [InkogNegro 1.0]

Maybe It Will Be Like The First Rocky Movie. We all know that they print these things up for both teams and send the unused ones to underprivileged kids in Third World countries. I am not joking. But I think the Bolts deserved to wear this gear and I believe that the FAITHFUL READERS of Justice Is Coming did as well. I have no regrets. I don't blame Norv or anyone else today. This was the first time since the mid '90s where we didn't hurt ourselves. I will peel the "LaDainian Deserved Better" sticker and replace it with something looking forward to next season. I also don't want to get into a debate over Junior, Jughead Manning or any other non-Charger. [Justice Is Coming]

It Wasn't Pretty But It Was A Win. Sixth AFC championship, sixth time to the Superbowl. The first half was not great to watch, nor easy on the nerves. Halftime seemed to show some adjustment, some improvement. Like when they sent Moss out to test if it were zone or man, seeing no coverage of him, went with another open receiver... I learn something every time I watch this team play. [The Sixteenth Minute]


Giants And Patriots Headed To Glendale. I personally hate the Patriots. I was at the Baltimore/New England game this year and while I am not a die-hard Ravens fan, the way New England stole that game infuriated me to no end. Each week I am amazed at the lack of calls from the referees on the Patriots. I guess they are the only team that DOESN'T hold on offense. Anyway, the Patriots are in and congrats. You are the best screen/5-yard passing team in the NFL. [Sports Hub]

Schottenheimer, Anyone?. I never thought I would utter the following phrase as a die hard Broncos fan, but I am livid that the San Diego Chargers didn't win today (which says how much I can't stand the Patriots but that's another matter). They literally handed the AFC Championship Game to New England on a silver platter. [Reid Fischer]

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