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Boston Herald: Kevin Youkilis Is Getting Married To Tom Brady's Sister

Illustration for article titled emBoston Herald/em: Kevin Youkilis Is Getting Married To Tom Bradys Sister

Holy alleged eugenics, Boston! A sister of Boston's resident best athlete (sorry, JaJuan Johnson) is getting married to its resident Greek god (sorry, Niko Koutouvides), if this story is true, anyway.

Julie Brady and Kevin Youkilis's engagement is the report from Gayle Fee, Laura Raposa, and Megan Johnson of the Boston Herald, just now, and one does want to trust the Herald on stories like this. But it was only four months ago that the paper reported Youkilis was dating Brady's other sister, Nancy. And a few hours after publishing that piece, the Herald made it disappear from the web. We were baffled. Weirdly enough, in today's article, the paper mistakenly (?) refers to Julie as "Nancy" once. It's probably a gaffe, but perhaps the Herald is hedging its bets. We can't be sure.


Either way, here goes:

This is supposed to be hush-hush and on the deep down-low, but you know us. It's time to pop the bubbly because Kevin Youkilis and Tom Brady's sis, Julie, are engaged!

The happy couple, who spent Super Bowl week together with the Brady clan in Indy, got engaged "recently" after dating for at least a year, we're told from a few F.O.Ys.

So where was Youk's betrothed when he was making the red carpet scene at the Maxim Super Bowl bash? Nowhere to be found. But we were reliably informed that Tom Brady's future brother-in-law was stashed in the family suite at the stadium to watch 12 lose his second championship to Giants you-know-what Eli Manning.

Anyway, no one seems to know when the sweaty Sox slugger and Patriots QB/QT's sis will tie the knot, But word is, it will happen on the Left Coast, most likely in the offseason.

Like any good Boston nuptials, there's baggage involved: This will be Youkilis's second wedding, and Julie Brady has a five-year-old daughter from a previous relationship. All right! According to the Herald, Youk and this Lady Brady met at a party after the Patriots lost to the Jets in the divisional round of the playoffs last year. If they ever did meet, that is.

Tom Brady getting new bro-in-law: Red Sox' Kevin Youkilis! [Boston Herald]

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