Boston Radio Host Christian Fauria Does Insanely Racist Impression Of NFL Agent Don Yee [Update]

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On today’s edition of WEEI’s Ordway, Merloni & Fauria, the fellas discussed how Boston Herald columnist Ron Borges was pranked by a guy pretending to be NFL agent Don Yee, who represents quarterbacks Tom Brady and Jimmy Garoppolo. The prankster fooled Borges into writing an inaccurate story through a series of text messages, so the show’s hosts thought it’d be fun to do a dramatic reading of the text exchange. As many things do in New England, it got very racist.

Host Christian Fauria was tasked with reading the messages sent by the fake Yee, and the former Patriots tight end got into character by reading the messages in a stereotypical Asian accent:


“I’m gonna be Don Yee,” Fauria says before starting. “For me, I don’t know why, Don Yee sounds like an Asian guy.”


The jokes get better from there! Fauria reads the lines in the accent; the other hosts laugh about how funny it is and inform Fauria that Yee actually “sounds like a Caucasian.” They play audio of the real Don Yee talking in order to prove that he does not have an accent. It’s at about this time that soft bamboo flute music begins to play in the background. Fauria starts reading fake Yee’s texts in a normal voice, but briefly drops back into the accent because “it’s so much more fun that way.”

This is a truly impressive amount of racism to pack into three and half minutes of sports radio.


Update: WEEI has suspended Fauria five days, and he has issued an apology.

h/t Matt