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Boston's Tuukka Rask Adds Another Incredible Stacked-Pads Save To His Resumé

Bruins goalie Tuukka Rask was put in a bad spot on Saturday. Poor defending from his teammates left the Kings’ Alex Iafallo open to take a chance at the net and break the 1-1 deadlock the teams were in late in the second period. As the puck headed towards what Iafallo believed to be an unguarded spot, Rask acted quickly and his instincts from a past life as a mini-golf windmill kicked in which led to an incredible stacked-pads save. As a bonus, it elicited one of the more underappreciated joys in sports from the crowd: a cheer that sounds like a shower of boos, but is actually a player’s name.

It seems fitting that Rask made a jaw-dropping save on a night like this as he’s been in incredible form as of late. He’s currently riding a five-game win streak as a starter—tying his longest run of the season—and is 11-0-2 in his last 14 games, per NHL PR.


Of course, such highlights during these types of runs are usually made easier when a player has a history of making plays like this over their career, and Rask has been doing this shit since 2011.

Wild how he appears to be more successful at making these saves than he is at more menial tasks like breaking his stick after a game.