We noticed last night that Wrigley Field looked like it had been transported to Silent Hill. (This being the Cubs, maybe Superman 64 is the better analogy.) But the fog covered the South Side too, and the morning-after photos are equal parts eerie, quirky, and beautiful.

The White Sox's game against the Blue Jays was delayed for more than an hour in the third inning, when the fog at U.S. Cellular Field became too dense to see through, too dangerous to play through. Sox starter Dylan Axelrod, who got knocked around, found a silver lining:

"I didn't see all those home runs go out," he said. "So that's cool."

The Reds-Cubs action wasn't halted at Wrigley Field, though it came very close. "It couldn't get any worse, otherwise you'd have had to stop it," Dale Sveum said. "It was borderline as it was."


Now, some of our favorite photos of the two games, via AP Images and Getty Images.