Let's ignore the video of Lionel Messi's second goal today for a minute, and just stare at the picture above. That's the world's best left foot plucking a screaming ball out of the air as casually as a frog would an unexpecting fly, or Odell Beckham would a lobbed duck of a pass in pregame warm-ups. How does he make it look so effortless? How does he take all the pace off of it, dropping it softly mere inches from his body? How, Sway?! HOW?

Okay, to fully grasp the audacity of the touch‚ÄĒthat ball is flying at him, and he just...man‚ÄĒcoupled with the spin and smart little finish with his right, here's the video:

We will never get tired of watching this guy do what he does.