Bow Wow, The Game Wager $100k on Madden 09 Contest

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No word on whether field goals are allowed. The loser's donating the money to charity. And by money I mean, part of the record company's marketing budget. Which then becomes a tax deduction. Bow Wow (nee Shad Moss), who will also be appearing in the upcoming season of Entourage (that's really unfortunate), is rumored to have an album coming out in November. You might recall him better as Lil Bow Wow, a moniker the 21-year-old has now outgrown. The Game (top result on Wikipedia is Harvard-Yale) was teammates with Baron Davis in high school and Davis is the godfather to his son. Whatever. Raise your hand if you're also the dorky white guy who looks up rapper bios on Wikipedia. The contest will take place at an undisclosed location and is being sponsored by Konsole Kingz (Tagline: Where video games and hip-hop combine). The real question is, will they serve Madden-tinis? Madden 09 Contest [Konsole Kingz] Bow Wow, the Game put up $100k on Madden [FIRST CUTS]]