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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Last night on ESPN's Wednesday Night Fights, Carlos Velasquez took on journeyman boxer Jean Sotelo. Velasquez was heavily favored, and for the round and a half, dominated Sotelo. Then he punched Sotelo right in the dick.

Often, the worst low blows are when boxers get hit along the beltline, causing the cup to twist and shift, and the testicles with it. But Velasquez hit the dude right in the penis, loud enough that ringside mics picked it up. Bam!


The ref gave Sotelo five minutes to recover, but when the time had passed, Sotelo was still writhing on the ground, trying to pull his nuts back out of his esophagus. So, that was it. Velasquez won by TKO. Sotelo, bless his poor soul, need another five minutes before he could get to his feet.

Why don't people just do this all the time?


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