Boxer Wears Anti-Immigrant Trunks, Gets Soundly Beaten By Mexican Opponent

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American boxer Rod Salka lost a six-round bout to Mexican fighter Francisco Vargas last night. Salka, who is known for having been brutally knocked out by Danny Garcia in 2014, entered the ring wearing trunks with an anti-immigrant message. The top of Salka’s trunks had “AMERICA 1ST” written on them, and they were patterned like a brick wall.

Vargas dominated the fight, sending Salka to his knees with an uppercut in the fifth round, and then landing a series of punches in the sixth round that opened a cut around Salka’s left eye. Salka never made it out of his corner for the seventh round, as his trainers stopped the fight. Feel free to spend a few minutes enjoying the GIF at the top of this post.