Boxer's Dad Vows To Cut His Own Head Off If His Son Loses

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This Saturday's junior welterweight title fight between undefeated champion Danny Garcia and top contender Lucas Matthysse is a big enough bout to headline a pay-per-view card on its own, but it's of course been overshadowed by the headliner, Floyd Mayweather vs. Canelo Alvarez. Apparently Garcia's dad is out to change that.

At a press conference this afternoon, seemingly populated by the cast of an early-'80s James Caan movie, Angel Garcia did everything you see above (and more you don't, due to CBSSN inexplicably censoring probably the most entertaining thing ever to happen on their network). He told people to do the math. ("Vegas don't know nothing! You don't know nothing! I know everything!") He challenged people in the audience to fight. The best part, though, came when he solemnly vowed that if Danny loses, he will decapitate himself. Why? "Because blood is thicker than anything—love, nobody can beat love. And my heart is with God."


As of now, Danny Garcia is about a 2:1 underdog.