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Boxing (And "Ultimate Fighting") Hit Rock Bottom

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The only way anyone can get to care about boxing anymore is when celebrities hit each other. Henceforth, an upcoming fight between "Fear Factor"'s Joe Rogan and fledgling wanna-be kung-fu star Wesley Snipes. It is indicative of the world of boxing that on boxing Web sites, this has become a semi-big story.

Quoth Rogan"

"I've never met the guy. All I can tell you guys is I've never trolled before, and I never will. I'm not really supposed to talk about it, but it's real. As for Snipes motivation to fight, he wants to rejuvenate his action movie career, and he supposedly owes a ton of money in taxes.

This isn't a troll, and as soon as everything is signed I'll give more details. Until then, I can't talk about it."


It occurs to us that this is the first boxing — or ultimate fighting, or whatever — story we've done that didn't involve Mike Tyson or "The Contender" since we launched. That makes us sad.

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