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Boxing Just Wants To Host Keggers

Boxing's popularity might be on the wane, to say the least (among white people, anyway), but Roy Jones Jr. is not afraid to be innovative. He's searching everywhere for an untapped base of fans, and he's even willing to join a frat to do it.

No, seriously: Jones is joining a frat to bring in fans. His logic is unassailable.

To further his celebrity and broaden his appeal, in August, Jones became an honorary member of Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity. TKE is the largest social fraternity in the world with a presence on almost 300 college campuses in North America, and an initiated membership of over 220,000.

This is an interesting marketing strategy for the self-promoted Jones—give the guys in college a reason to watch boxing. The "hey, that's our fraternity brother" crowd could provide a buzz among a demographic that currently seems more interested in video games and drinking games—18 to 23 year old college students.


Because there's no better long-term strategy for boosting the prospects of boxing than counting on a bunch of guys to go, "Hey, that's our fraternity brother!" Heavens, he'd be crazy not to try.

Roy Jones Jr. Attempts To Save Boxing By Joining A Frat [100 Percent Injury Rate]

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