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So, if there were ever a day for the Knicks to finally get fed up with Isiah Thomas and end this madness, today would seem like a good one.


The Knicks lost their sixth in a row last night, by nine to the freaking Clippers. The whole world's coming to an end over there. Frankly, with all the other news going on in the world today, it would be the ideal time to fire Isiah; people might not even notice.

In case you needed a reminder of how bad it is over at MSG, here's a firsthand report of what it was like at the Garden last night. These are described as "the only times there were noise."

#9: A between quarters race where two munchkins had to put on a pair of shorts, jersey and t-shirt before hitting a layup.

#5: A slightly more emphatic round of boos following a third quarter where the Knicks were outscored 28-14.
#3: A fat guy carrying a sign with the numbers 18-1 written in black marker makes his way around the arena.


We can't pile on the Knicks anymore, other than to point out again that today's the ideal day to fire Isiah, so we will note what a Boston fan told us about the growing "18-1" chant: "It's the worst, because it's like the '1918' chant, but there's absolutely no way to make it stop." That's true. Ouch.

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